Bondage Baby Bedtime Pt. 3

He wriggled in her arms, sucking the pacifier cartoonishly as he shook his head from side to side in a babyish attempt to express his displeasure. “Baby Timmy, you’ve been such a pouting, insolent little baby today that Mommy has a special outfit picked out for you to sleep in tonight.” She placed him on the bondage changing table, bringing the straps attached to each edge of the table across his wriggling tummy and latching them in place. Baby Timmy began to cry, fat tears welling up and running down his chubby cheeks. Mommy Jackie gently shushed him as she slipped the adult baby locking mitts over his balled up little fists, securing the wrists and locking them tight. Next, she pulled the crinkly plastic pants up over his adult baby diaper and cuffed his ankles together for good measure. Call Mommy Jackie for some diaper bondage phone sex.

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Role Play Ava

Do you know what naughty mommy Ava loves the best about role play fantasy phone sex? Well, it creates a safe place where we both act out all the fantasies that we think about all the time. It even makes the person feel omre at ease when they have someone as open minded as me guiding them into these nex experiences! Let’s take all of those desires and kinks stirring in your head and make them into a reality. So tell Mommy Ava what your darkest fantasy is all about? Are you into mommies like me? Or maybe you’re into daddy’s and you need a mommy to teach you how to play with daddy? No matter what the case is I want to hear about it. Tell mommy ava exactly what it is you love about fetish phone sex!



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Decorating your nursery

drMommy Sabrina is so excited to be designing your nursery.  My adult baby deserves the best of everything in his nursery. Trying to figure out what color to do my sissy slave‘s nursery in is the hard part.  Mommy likes light colors with white, but, her sissy bitch likes pinks and yellows.  Should I be the dominate one and go with what mommy likes or should I give her little cuckold what he wants. 

I guess mommy will be the submissive one when it comes to this decision and give in to her humiliated sissy.  When does mommy get to have it her way when it comes to getting her adult baby to like what she does?  I thought mommy was the dominatrix of this relationship ?  Do I need to punish my cuckold and put his cock in chastity as a punishment?  You decide what mommy should do with you when you don’t give mommy what she likes.



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