Punished By Mommy Pt 2

Jeremy could feel his hot horny son cum dripping down his sexy Mommy’s naked leg as she spanked him hard. Without even thinking about it, he began humping her thigh as she beat his naughty ass with her bare hand. Mommy had had enough of her bed wetting son and his horny for mom antics! Pushing him to the floor, she strode to the closet and pulled out a small black bag. She smiled wickedly at her punished teenage son, pulling out a metal chastity cage and matching padlock. She overpowered him easily and roughly grabbed his hard cock, forcing it inside the constricting metal ring and pushing the cage in place over his shaft. She had her disobedient son trapped in chastity now, with his Mommy keyholder loving every moment of his CBT torment.

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Mommy Jackie

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Sissy Potty Confession Pt 2

After i had an accident at the store in my silly big boy clothes, mommy made me wear girly pink pull ups. They are soft and comfy and squishy and fluffy and make me feel so safe with my adult baby mommy. When i have accidents in them I feel ashamed but mommy says its ok cause that’s what pull ups are for. I love leaving my bulging droopy pull ups on cause they make me feel like mommy’s little sissy.

Today I tried to be a big girl and wore my cotton panties under my skirt out to the store, but i had to potty in the parking lot and i had an accident in the parking lot. It was warm and wet and i felt so embarrassed. I could see people around. I was so scared. I had to call mommy after and confess during our sissy phonesex session. Click HERE to talk to a phone sex Mommy 1-888-430-2010

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Bondage Baby Bedtime Pt. 3

He wriggled in her arms, sucking the pacifier cartoonishly as he shook his head from side to side in a babyish attempt to express his displeasure. “Baby Timmy, you’ve been such a pouting, insolent little baby today that Mommy has a special outfit picked out for you to sleep in tonight.” She placed him on the bondage changing table, bringing the straps attached to each edge of the table across his wriggling tummy and latching them in place. Baby Timmy began to cry, fat tears welling up and running down his chubby cheeks. Mommy Jackie gently shushed him as she slipped the adult baby locking mitts over his balled up little fists, securing the wrists and locking them tight. Next, she pulled the crinkly plastic pants up over his adult baby diaper and cuffed his ankles together for good measure. Call Mommy Jackie for some diaper bondage phone sex.

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Pacifier Gag Sissy Baby Guided Masturbation

Let’s get you all ready for some sissy baby playtime. Open wide for Mommy now, sissy. That’s a good girl, suck on that adult baby pacifier while Mommy fastens this gag on you. Hehe don’t stop sucking, now, and tell Mommy how your little clitty is getting all hard in your pretty, frilly, sissy panties. Aw is it hard to speak like that, with that paci shoved in your mouth like a little bitty cock? Haha it’s cute to hear you try but you can go back now to just furiously sucking it while Mommy Jackie tells you just how to touch your bitty little sissy dicklette. Maybe if you’re very good I’ll even let you finish, but not after teasing you till you’re crying with frustration into that tight pacifier gag, dripping for Mommy. Call me for some sissy baby guided masturbation phone sex!


Mommy Jackie

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