Fun With Mommy Mimi!

Sam tried to completely relax his head in Mimi’s lap, and did his best to relax the rest of his body as well, to draw out the warm tinglies that were was getting even longer. He had to admit that having his hot midget Mommy stroke his baby powder covered cock through one side of the diaper might be a little too much for him to stay relaxed. It felt too good! He couldn’t stop his hips from lifting up, to thrust his cock up into her tight fist even harder and faster and he couldn’t stop filthy moans from spilling out of his mouth. Mimi just smiled and gripped him tighter and tilting forward so that her nipple pressed against his mouth and he opened wide to suck on her plump tits. Her warm milk squirting onto his tongue sent a shiver down his spine and up into his balls that seemed to rip an orgasm out of gut. His legs curled up, and cum spilled across his tummy and Mimi’s fingers. He laid there and tried to catch his breath, his cock limp and sore, but when she sucked his cum off her fingers his cock couldn’t seem to help but twitch a little bit. Go ahead and call me for some naughty Mommy phonesex if you love this story!



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Sexual Instructions From A Hot Milf

I have so many dirty thoughts running through my head about my stepson’s friends! I can look at them, at the way they look at me, the way certain ones act and know which one of these young men are still virgins. Now I’m starting to have fantasies about teaching one of them, a cute young man that I really want to give some erotic sexual lessons. I want to wait to get him all alone so I can tell him to get on his knees between my thighs and tell him exactly to properly eat my pussy out to make me cum over his face. I’ll have my fingers grabbing his hair, using it to steer his mouth to where I want it. When I do cum I will pull his face towards me so that his face is buried so deep in my pussy he will have trouble breathing! Call me for some hot milf phonesex so I can give you your milf fetish phonesex instructions.



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Mommy Phone Sex

I had the most wonderful mommy phone sex fun tonight with my little adult baby. We played with all his little toys first and then he went pee pee in his diaper. At first, I felt bad knowing that I was going to have to punish him. Then I noticed he did messes in his diaper and I become pissed off. I laid him down and cleaned his little bottom and left the diaper off for a while. I called him right over and made him bend over my knees and spanked him real bard on his little ass over and over again until it was bright red. When I was done he kept crying while I gave him his bottle and made him go night night. I made sure to leave him a list of things he needed to do for me in the morning. Are you an adult baby that needs a babysitter?

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