Pegged My Boyfriend




This weekend I did something I am pretty proud of to say the least. I got my boyfriend to love strap on phone sex. Men can really have a one track mind when it comes to getting what they want. This is also especially true for my boyfriend. Ever since his bar buddies talked to him about how their wives love to give anal, he hasn’t stopped pestering me about it ever since! Time after time he always asks and tries to smooth talk and trick his way into it but I always turn him down. At that point I was so fed up with the constant asking that I finally took matters into my own hands and did something that’ll make him think twice before asking me again.  I told him since he was so obsessed with anal that it’s only fair that I get to try it out on him as well! I was preparing for the usual male reaction and expected him to not be in the mood anymore after that thought but man was I wrong. I guess it turns out my stubborn boyfriend wants to fuck my ass so badly that he’s willing to get fucked in the ass too. I was only joking at first but something about the thought of me burying my strap on in his ass made me so wet and very curious. After a little pegging phone sex session he’s going to be the one begging me to fuck him!


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