Ava Deals With Sissy Fags


Aww look what Ms Ava has stumbled upon this time, Another sissy fag phone sex lover! There’s a big shock!. Are you sitting there right now with your hand between your legs tugging on that pathetic teeny weeny of yours? You’re probably thinking about how hot it would be if you were here with me right now watching in the corner as I get fucked by real men with big cocks who actually know how to use them. Yeah your little useless pecker can’t compare to the thick hard throbbing rods needed to fill up this pussy. You can wish all you want but that patethic excuse for a dick isn’t coming anywhere near this pussy. The only time you’ll be able to savour the smell and feel of this pussy is when you’re ordered to clean up and lick all the cum out of it. So lets make good use of that tongue of yours because other than that you’re just a useless cuckold phone sex lover to me!


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