“Bath Time”

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Guess what little ABDL its time for your bath.  This is Mommy Susan’s favorite time.  I slowly undress you and take off that nasty wet diaper, I tickle your tummy and your tiny little cock, I love seeing it get hard.  Mommy has the bath ready for you, its nice and hot.  Mommy lowers her sissy baby into the tub, I love the way your skin turns red.  Mommy uses her cloth to wash babies face and back and wash babies hair.  Then Mommy stands up her ABDL baby up and washes his  little sissy cock.  Mommy loves the way you make little moaning noises and how hard your little cock gets.  Mommy keeps washing your little cock watching you shudder and begin to moan louder.  Mommy starts to go faster and you cry out and cum in the tub.  
Thats when you know bath time is over.  Mommy puts you in a new diaper and onesie and tucks you in your crib, where you will have sweet dreams. 


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