Daddy’s Home!

Oh my little sexy PHONE SEX BABY SLUT I’m so excited today is a very special day. You see daddy always has to work very late at night and never really gets to spend quality time with his little sissy. But tonight he called me and said he is getting off work  very early so he can spend some special time with his very special little girl. So mommy is going to put you in the tub and bathe you so that you all sparkly clean inside and out. Of course you need your weekly enema too. Then we are going to get you dresses in your prettiest pink ruffled dress so that daddy can see how pretty you are. When daddy comes home make sure you do every little thing he says. And make him very very happy. Daddy also said he wants you on your knees sitting next to his favorite chair when he gets home so he can see you ass in your puffy diaper because you are his NASTY PHONE SEX BABY . I know that you and daddy are going to have so much fun together. If you want to hear more give me a call
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