Helping Mommy in the Kitchen

choc beatersI love it when my cute little adult babies want to help me in the kitchen. They are so helpless and cute but they always want to help their mommy.

One of my babies is named Teddy and he love to help me pour in the ingredients. He always gets sugar on his nose which I kiss off. He loves to play with the speed on the mixer. I give his diapered butt a little swat if he fools around with it too much. He likes it best when I spank him with the spatula.


His favorite part is when he gets to lick the beaters, especially when we’ve made something chocolaty. It’s simply adorable how messy his face gets. I always show him in the mirror and he laughs and laughs as I clean him off good.

Adult Babies are just so much fun in the kitchen. These simple things are some of the sweetest times to be a mommy. For more of these sweet together moments give me a call. I love meeting new babies.

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