Naughty Time With My Adult Baby!

I love being naughty with my sweet Adult Baby and making his peepee get all hard! But lets kinda go back a little bit to where I am going to start having him be naughty with me! I walk him back to his abdl nursery and sit down in the rocking chair and  slide my breast out and watch as he latches on and slowly stick my hand down by is adult diaper and slowly start to rub up and down. As you’re getting a mouthful of nice and warm breast milk running down your throat i notice your peepee getting rather big. So I pick him up and lay him down on his changing table and quickly slide off my panties to place in his mouth as I start to undo his diaper and then take my hands and run them up and down his cock and bend over and start to slide it my mouth! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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