Adult Baby Phone Sex Fun

I love adult babies phone sex and the things they are into. Even though I love being a mommy it was so much fun being a new mommy to a adult baby for the first time. I ran into this guy at the store and he was looking at baby items. When I asked him how old his baby was he smiled and said these pacifiers are for me. I was shocked like what in the world is he even talking about. He invited me over to his house that night for a drink and said he wanted to show me about the ABDL lifestyle. When I got there I noticed he had a crib and all kinds of baby things. I was amazed that he literally lived like a baby. He did not even have a bed he slept in a crib. I must be honest it made my pussy very wet and I immediateley went to the bathroom and masturbated. I finally told him about it and he allowed me to become his adult babysitter. Now I can not get enough of it. Have you ever been babysat? Call me and tell me about the things you like to do as a adult baby or having one of your own.



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