Slutty For Her Son

It felt like something out of a dream, the slow tickle of a pair of full, slutty lips teasing and tickling his cock but as Marcus moved and moaned he realized it was no dream at all but his Mommy bringing his secret MILF fetish to life! She noticed him wake up and smiled at her son, telling him to relax. She just couldn’t help herself, every time her husband went out of town she thought about fucking her sexy teenage stud of a son and today her horny mind had finally overwhelmed her. Marcus thrust his thick cock deep into her mouth, he wanted her to choke on it just like in the gag porn he loved to watch- he couldn’t believe how slutty his Mom was, she was so hungry for his cock she was frantically rubbing her cunt till he told her to bend over- he was going to fuck his dirty Mommy!


Mommy Jackie


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Incest Fun With Your Stepsister!

You’re a naughty little adult baby sometimes, aren’t you? I’ve caught you staring at your phone sex stepsister when you think that no one is looking.  You pay a lot of attention when she in some of her skippy bikinis down by the pool, and don’t think that it’s not obvious that you’re getting an erection underneath your diaper!  What is it that you like to look at? Her firm tits, or her tight, bouncing young ass?  I bet you would love to crawl up to your stepsister where she is sunbathing, spread her butt cheeks apart and put your face right in between them. Would you like to worship her ass with your tongue and mouth, show her how much you love her? Would you like to reach around and slide your little fingers into her wet pussy, tease her clit till she moans for you? If you would love to tell me more, call me and tell me all about your incest phone sex fantasy!



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