abdl baby
Scarlet’s Submissive Sucks Her Sweet Succulent Milk
May 17, 2021
Humiliation Phone Sex With Rex
May 31, 2021

abdl baby

Last night was a lot of fun for me as I was able to make myself available to do one of my favorite things which is abdl roleplay.  I always like to think outside of the box as there is no right or wrong way to do things, especially when it comes to phone sex.  It really just takes guts to call and speak to someone for the first time or even if it is a second or third time and tell them the scenario that you want to act out.  And, if by chance the person calling does not have any idea what he or she wants to get into, that is fine because it is usually up to me to take the lead and others will follow.

Many callers enjoy playing with dominant females who don’t have to be wearing something specific every single time to enjoy a scenario.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of dominants out there who are not just confined to wearing leather and latex.  Some actually enjoy the look and feel of diapers, not just on their abdls but also on themselves.  The term used to describe this type of dominant is a diapered milf.  Why should abdl babies have all of the fun.  Wearing diapers underneath my sexy clothes is something that I enjoy and relish in.

When abdl babies discover this, they usually feel more at home because not only is their femdom, hot, beautiful sexy and in charge, but they get a sense of relief that they love that they have for diapers – is also share by me as well.  I enjoy sitting on my abdls when I wear my diapers and they enjoy the softness of the diaper under my dress as it is pushed up against them.  The crinkly noise that it makes every time I would move back and forth, really makes the clitty cocks of my abdls hard as rocks.  The interesting part is they want to touch, but I won’t allow them to without my permission.  And no matter how excited they get, they will have to refrain from cumming unless I give them the green light.  Teaching them patience and control is really a positive thing and it is a necessary part of helping them to build character.

And when I want to tease and punish my abdls who enjoy being embarrassed and laughed at, I will tease them with humiliation phone sex.  None of them are enough to please women because they are severely lacking in the penile size department.  Making fun of the little nubs that are so minute and itty bitty, is something that I will gladly tease them about.  When your penis is so small, it should be replaced with the description of clit and that is exactly what I have no problem referring it as. So stick a pacifier in your mouth and sit on the floor in your diaper with your tiny dicklet inside and l will laugh at you while you pout.

The poor pathetic tiny shrimp that are enclosed in a diaper, should remain there locked away in hiding and only come out when it is time for it to be washed. Even the body wash should be one that is scented with pleasant roses or berries and not at all a manly scent as there is no package that is that small in the world that would qualify.  I will tease my diaper lovers into tears, because I know that this is exactly what they need and this is what they will get.

Do you have a small and tiny dicklet that you are embarrassed and ashamed of and you keep it hidden in a diaper all day and you want me to tease, poke fun of and laugh at it?  Stop waiting and pick up the phone and dial Aunt Brenda right now and let me enjoy a great big laugh at your expense while you are teased.

Aunt Brenda


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