Mommy’s Baby Needs A Fresh Diaper
June 12, 2021


Eddie and I have always engaged in abdl roleplay and usually it remained on the phone, and there are even special times when I would allow mom phone sex but earlier today, I decided that is was time to step up our play a notch or two and take it beyond the telephone.  So, he called me at his usual 9 am time in the morning.  As usual, he woke up with a hard on and it was warm and wet underneath his diaper.  He pissed in it all night and he would usually call for me to change him and put him in a clean diaper.  Well, not today – as I was going to punish him for not following one of my commands that I gave him.  He had played with his penis and came when he was told not to do that without permission from me and the worst thing yet, is he tried to cover it up and lie to me.  I was not going to let that go so easily as he needed to reap the consequences of his actions.

I started out by making Eddie feel small, worthless, pathetic and useless with humiliation phone sex and I could tell that he was enjoying the moment.  I could tell in his voice that he had no idea that I was going to take our little session outside of the bedroom and off of the phone. So I purposely asked him if he had specific items in his house that I knew the corner store next to his house had. When he confirmed that a few items were not with him, I told him that he had to leave the house and get it. He was ready to change into his pants and I told him that won’t be necessary, as he will be going to the corner store in nothing but a shirt and his diaper.

Silence happened on the phone for about 30 seconds, and I could clearly hear the defeat, distress and disappointment in his voice. He asked me if I was kidding and with a stern and serious voice,  I told him “no.” He could not believe that I was going to do this to him as he realized once it was done – there was no going back and that everyone at the store would now judge him and make him feel even smaller.  I told him that it must be done and that he must take his cell phone with him in order to put it on a timer and have a photo taken of him.  He hesitantly agreed to do as he was told and he went to the corner store.

He was laughed at and ridiculed for wearing a diaper and it was even worst for him because his nervousness made him involuntarily piss his already wet diaper and loads of piss drained down his already soiled diaper.  He was so humiliated and embarrassed, especially when the piss filled diaper fell down and passed his knees and ended up at his ankles.  That is when everyone saw his minute micro penis and took photos and he ran out of the store naked, while his genitals bounced like bobble heads – all the way back to his apartment. Once he arrived he cried in shame for hours because of the extreme humiliation.

You need to be humiliated too – just as what I did to Eddie.  Give me a call now and let me make fun of you because you deserve it.



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