Janey’s Sissy Baby Part 2!

All of this Abdl Phone Sex,  was all so new. While he had got used to calling her this on the phone and in email, to her face was a little different. Brad and Janey had been an item in High School. Everyone supposed they would always be together. But when they graduated, they went to different colleges. And after a couple months, Brad got an email from Janey. She had discovered something new, something she needed. She didn’t know if he could handle it, so….And oh, how he had begged. He would do ANYthing, he said. Whatever it was she needed, he would get for her. So, she told him – she wanted to be a Mommy Domme. The only possible way to keep her would be for Brad to become her sissy baby. They took it slowly. He had bedwetting “accidents”. Got put back in night time diapers. Then daytime accidents and diapers followed. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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