To All Lonely Abies

abdl mommy phone sex Even when you spend all day with your abdl mommy, I know that it can be hard to lie awake at night thinking of nothing else but how badly you wish to be in bed with me, my warm arms wrapped around you. No dirty diapers here, as mommy is sure to change you before letting you climb into bed. We cannot be worrying about waking up to change a poopy diaper when we are both sleepy and warm from dreamland. If you behave quite well for me, I will surely slip my hand into that warm disposable diaper and take your little peepee into my fingers and stroke it nice and slow. As an abdl, I am sure that you set yourself to squirming just thinking about making cummies for mommy in that clean diaper. Make me so proud and we will both get to go to sleep with a smile on our face.

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