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Masochistic Monday With Mommy Scarlet
June 15, 2020
ABDL Mommy
I Will Be Your Mommy
July 6, 2020
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Michael knew that he shouldn’t have taken his abdl diaper off, and he definitely shouldn’t have ran through the house the way he did. His diaper was wet, and Mommy Tawny was taking too long to change it, and he got so impatient he couldn’t wait any more. It didn’t take her too long to notice his bare bottom, and he was over her lap and getting a spanking in a jiffy! After she popped his bottom until it was cherry red, she put him back in his wet diaper… and put a lockable diaper cover over that! She fussed at him, disappointed that he couldn’t be more patient and that she had to do this to him. He had one or two little accidents and that couldn’t wait until she was done mopping the floors? So now part of his punishment was to stay in that diaper until it started to leak! Maybe that will teach him to be a bit more patient! Do you think it will? Call me for some age play phone sex and let me know.



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