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December 6, 2020
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Inhale And Exhale The Beautiful Scent Of My Ass  
January 9, 2021



Mommy bought you a pretty pink dress and a few other surprises.  Mommy just loves spoiling her little “princess”.  When mommy gets home, she takes all the goodies and you into the nursery.  Mommy strips you of your clothes, leaving you just in your diaper.

Then mommy leads you to the changing table.  After mommy gets you all settled onto the table, mommy opens your diaper, first one tab then the other.  Mommy slowly opens your wet diaper, seeing your little peepee already growing.

Ooohhh someone is an excited baby!  Mommy lifts your legs into the air and pulls the diaper from under your raised bottom.  While throwing the diaper in the trash, mommy also grabs the diaper wipes.  Mommy touches the cold wipe to your little peepee, causing it to shrivel and hide.

Now that that little thing is back where it belongs, mommy continues to clean baby all up.  Between those cute little cheeks, around that tiny little sack to baby’s twitching clitty.

Mmhmm, that’s right mommy said clitty…

Mommy reaches into one of the bags she brought home, she pulls out a bright pink plastic cage for that little clitty.

Mommy holds you down as she straps it on and locks it in place.  Perfect!

Then mommy reaches down and pulls out a “special” diaper mommy made just for her little girl.  This diaper has a section cut out in the front to show off that cute cage.  Mommy lifts you up off the changing table and stands you in front of the mirror…look how adorable you are!

As you look into the mirror, turning left then right, mommy pulls one last surprise out of the bag.  A pretty pink dress to go with that pretty pink cage.

Lift your arms for mommy.  The dress is so soft and so pretty.  Mommy watches as goosebumps appear on your skin as the dress slides over your body.  A small sigh escapes your lips as the dress caresses you.

The dress ends just at the top of your thighs, barely covering your “special” diaper.  Mommy zips up the back and ties the bow, watching you in the mirror as your widened eyes move slowly up and down, admiring your new look.

Mommy slides her hands down your body and slowly lifts the skirt of your dress.  Oh look! The pink cage matches perfectly to your pink dress.  Turn for mommy, good girl!

Be a good girl and hold your dress up for mommy.  As your hands replace mommy’s, mommy slides her hands down to the front of your diaper.

You jerk from the unexpected contact, making you thrust against mommy’s hands.  A soft moan escapes your parted lips.  Mommy whispers into you ear what a pretty little girl you are.

As mommy pushes against you, your hips start to move.  You grind your caged clitty against mommy’s fingers, another moan escaping your open mouth.

Mommy leans closer to you, pressing her lips to your ear and gently whispers… cum for mommy baby girl.

Mommy Candy


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