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Aunt Brenda Takes Care Of A Sneaky Baby (part 2)
January 10, 2021
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Brenda’s Student Learns His Lesson – The Hard Way
February 13, 2021

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I invited a few of my closest friends over to my home, who are dommy mommies. My adult baby diaper lover – who is also known as my submissive – and lives with me, was in awe to see so many beautiful women all in the same place.  He was assigned to take care of us for the evening and he cooked the most exquisite dinners and served us.  We had a plethora of items that were prepared according to each person’s dietary requirements and everything was absolutely delicious.

When it was time for us to have dessert I ushered all of the dommy mommies to move from the dining room to the living room and I asked everyone to remove their shoes.  My adult baby diaper lover had to massage all of our feet and he was expected to customize each massage. If a dommy mommy wanted a Swedish massage which was very light and soft he was expected to do deliver.

If a dommy mommy demanded a sports massage, he had no choice but to oblige.  I wanted something different and it was an aromatherapy massage and to finish it off I wanted whip cream sprayed on my feet. My submissive massaged my feet with sweet honey and coconut oil sprinkled with vanilla and honey and the scent was intoxicating.

Whip cream was sprayed on both of my feet at the conclusion of my massage and I made my abdl boy lick my feet.  His tongue was thick, wide and long and I wanted to ensure that I put it to good use.  He sucked the top and bottom of my feet and then each individual toe was sucked and the pleasure that I experienced was euphoric.

I took turns pushing my pretty feet into his mouth and he had moments where he gagged slightly on my feet but he was able to figure out how to pleasure me with his tongue until I was satisfied.  The other dommy mommies saw my special treatment and they also desired to try it as well and as a little obedient abdl boy, he obliged.  He was wearing nothing else but a diaper and after his servitude with the foot sucking concluded I made him sit on the floor.

I took turns with both feet rubbing the crotch of his diaper and her was visibly getting excited.  His once flaccid cock was pressing up against the front of his diaper and he was obviously getting very hard.  I told him that he was not authorized to get hard as yet and therefore he would need to be punished.

Adult baby diaper lovers who tend to venture off and do their own thing without permission from their dommy mommies  should be required to experience diaper domination. Whether a dommy mommy wants to spank a little one by pulling down his or her diaper or making a wet baby remain in his diaper for an extended time or putting a cock cage on an abdl boy while he wears his diaper – it is vital that babies follow instructions.

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