September 20, 2015


I love to tuck my abdl babies in at night. They have all had such tiring days. Between being an active youngster horse playing, frolicking outside, getting dirty, getting clean, changing diapers and close, being breastfed and overall just being a pampered good baby. Some are naughty though and must be spanked, humiliated, turned into a sissy boy or otherwise punished. It’s ok, they know I do it out of love. Our nighttime routine, though, is  a very special time. First we make sure you are nice and clean and put a fresh diaper on you. Mmm sometimes they need a little breast milk to get them good and sleepy. Yes, the feeling of your warm lips on my nipple usually helps us both to relax and you to get nice and drowsy. I love to watch you fighting sleep, you big eyes closing and jerking back open. You usually whisper you love me and it warms my heart as you slowly slip into dreams.  I always whisper I love you too as I kiss your forehead.  Some nights I am lonely and crawl into bed beside you, baby. I love to breathe in the scent of your sweetness.  Smell that lovely combination of baby powder and baby lotion. What a wonderful day it has been and we have so many more days of fun ahead of us. This bedtime routine is one of care and devotion. I love you, my baby. Even when you are a terror, when you rebel against my every discipline. I love you with all my heart sweet baby. I wrap my arms around you and hold your face against my breasts. Sleep well my adult baby and never change. Let me love you like this forever. I’s love to have more adult babies to kiss goodnight. If you’d like to be tucked in please contact me 888-430-2010
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