February 24, 2013

Naughty Family Fun

When my Uncle Mike comes to visit, it’s always bound to be a really naughty & fun time! Of course he always does the “regular” stuff, like changing my diaper and feeding me my bottle, playing silly games… but he makes all that stuff really extra special!! He feeds me my regular bottle which is always yummy, but then he also feeds me his special Uncle Mike bottle!! He says that Uncle Mike’s milk is really good for girls like me, so I gotta make sure that I fill my tummy up with it. And its soo fun trying to get the milk out hehehe!! I have to wrap my lips around the big head and Uncle Mike pushes my head down so I can get the whoooooole thing in my mouth, then I gotta suck as hard as I can cause Uncle Mike says the milk gets stuck in there!! Sometimes I use my hands too to rub Uncle Mikes bottle or play with his special “milk making nuts”. I thought it was silly that nuts made milk, but Uncle Mike says that nut milk is the best milk hehehe!! When he changes my diaper he always does a really good job too! First he gets my on my back and opens up my diapey. I know I’m supposed to spread my legs as far apart as I can so that he can look really good! Uncle Mike says that to make sure that everythings ok, he’s gotta clean my wittle pussy a special way… he uses his tongue to lick me up all over my lips and inside my little cunny hole. OH GOSH it feels soooo good the way he does it. He checks to make sure my whole is ok with his fingers, then he has to check my bottom too!! Then Uncle Mike decides which hole needs the most help. This weekend it was mostly my cunny hole. But he says that both holes always need attention. So he took one of the big plugs that Daddy uses to stretch me and pushed it right inside my bottom. MMMmmm that felt soooo good!! Then he got on top of my and stuffed my little cunny hole with his big hard meat. Uncle Mike goes humpy even harder than Daddy does and OH BOY does it feel nice! Once he’s squirted all his yummys inside me, […]
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