April 15, 2009

Making baby so wet

As an AB I really like sitting in my wet diapers. Daddies like me really wet though. Sometimes I can’t keep up with the demand. One daddy made me pull my diaper down so he could help me fill it up. Daddy just peed right in his little girl’s diaper and laughed when I looked at him all sad. Every time he had to go he said “Oh Katie baby” and made me crawl over to him. Before long my diaper was heavy, and soaked, nearly leaking. Baby Katie
February 18, 2009

Why do I love diapers?

A girlfriend of mine asked me this, and I tried to explain to her. I don’t think she understood. She likes other kinky things, but doesn’t understand why I like to wear diapers. I told her she should wear with me one night and see what she thought. I doubt that she will, but it would be fun if she tried it. Ab Baby Katie
October 29, 2008

Mommy’s Helper

Some mommies don’t think I am olds enough to be a helper. Some of them though let me do what they think I can. I can help Mommy clean the nursery, and decorate. I can stack diapers on the changing table. I can set all the toys up so the babies can see all the toys to plays with. There is plenty that I can do. I can be Daddy’s helper too. Do you need any help at all Daddy? AB Girl Katie
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