December 3, 2017

Adult Baby Phone Sex Fun

I love adult babies phone sex and the things they are into. Even though I love being a mommy it was so much fun being a new mommy to a adult baby for the first time. I ran into this guy at the store and he was looking at baby items. When I asked him how old his baby was he smiled and said these pacifiers are for me. I was shocked like what in the world is he even talking about. He invited me over to his house that night for a drink and said he wanted to show me about the ABDL lifestyle. When I got there I noticed he had a crib and all kinds of baby things. I was amazed that he literally lived like a baby. He did not even have a bed he slept in a crib. I must be honest it made my pussy very wet and I immediateley went to the bathroom and masturbated. I finally told him about it and he allowed me to become his adult babysitter. Now I can not get enough of it. Have you ever been babysat? Call me and tell me about the things you like to do as a adult baby or having one of your own. Maggy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with the phone sex mommies #abdlphonesex #diaperlover #mommyphonesex
March 2, 2010

Naughty Fairy

My little fairy came to see me the other day she said she had been very naughty and bad.So i told her to come in and lets talk and see just what she thought she had done was so bad. As we made our way into the dining area she started telling me all the naughty thoughts she had been having as i listened she just kept talking which was unusual for her because she is normally a very quiet and private person.She told that she had been having thoughts of not being a fairy anymore told her that was fine and ask what she wanted to do said she wanted to try and wear diapers i looked her across the table and smiled told her that would be great also as we kept talking about her thoughts she decided she liked being a fairy because they are also sweet like.So that is the end of that until she thinks of something else she might want to be again. Minnie
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