June 29, 2015

Bedtime Story With Mommy Candy

Are there times you wish you could talk to your abdl Mommy Candy, but aby is strapped for cash? Do you like to fall asleep to your mommy’s voice reading an adult baby bedtime story? Mommy has the perfect solution. You can order a personalized recording of mommy reading YOU a story. Simply provide mommy with a script or your favorite story, and mommy will make you an MP3 recording for as little as $25.99 for a 10 min recording. You can also join mommy and many of the other mommies in our ABDL chat room to get to know us. Click here to join us in chat. Click here to here our free favorite stories read aloud just for you! Now lets get you diapered and tucked in so mommy can read you a bedtime story!
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