May 31, 2021

Humiliation Phone Sex With Rex

Yes, I told my adult baby diaper lover Rex to place his pamper on the floor and squat over it while it was open and poop.  He was so ashamed as he had a bout of diarrhea and every time he pooped it would make the most embarrassing noises. This was all part of the plan for me to have humiliation phone sex with him. I would have him also take his hand and play in his own runny poop that had collected on an open diaper and he would do just that. After the poop was in the pamper on the floor I would advise him to scoop up some in his hand and then collect it. Everybody loves a massage and facial and in this case his facial was going to be made out his his drippy, runny, liquidy and smelly shit.  I would make him inhale very deeply in order for him to get used to his own version of stink and he would obey.  I would then have him look at the palm of his hand right after it was done he would take a lick of it and even though he could not stomach to do that.  But he did it for me because he wants to obey my rules, listen and follow all of my instructions thoroughly. There are not too many abdls that will speak to me over the phone that are going to do what they are told to do, but the ones that actually listen – this makes abdl roleplay an amazing time spent together because there are no walls or barriers in place to stop the experience. And the experience is indeed something that happens all of the time when you delve into the world of abdl roleplay. I know that he told me that he was renting out a space where the walls were really thin and when he made any noise at all others would here.  To test out the issue of lack of privacy – when he sneezed someone would say ‘bless you’ from any particular part of the building.  He did not want to appear rude and disrespectful so he would tell them thank you.  But the problem that he would end up worrying about was not a sneeze, but it was the turquoise green dildo adult toy that I had him use when we spent […]
March 28, 2018

The Accident

Mommy should have known better than to allow you to go to Tommy’s house after your last stunt. But because you were being such a good abdl baby I thought it would be a fun reward for you. You had been going potty like a big boy for almost an entire month! Then I got the call, Tommy’s mom calls to say that you wet your pants and then tried to hide it so she wouldn’t tell mommy. That is why from this point forward, you are going to stay diapered no matter what. You have run out of chances to prove to me that your a big boy. You have shown mommy that you are a true diaper lover, you never really wanted to be a big boy in the first place. Does this scenario sound familiar? Are you and abdl in need of  mommy phonesex to enforce diaper discipline because of all of your “accidents”? Call me now, we can discuss what the next steps will be. Mommy Susan 1-888-430-2010 Click here to chat with a phone sex mommy now. #forcedabdl #abdldiaper #phonesexmommy
January 1, 2018

Dorm Room Abdl Nursery Phone Sex Part 2!

So, Abdl mommy Tawny  waited until one day when she was alone in their dorm, and checked his bedroom. “So – what is he hiding?” she asked herself, looking around. “God – he has dolls sitting out, childish Disney princess posters in the wall, Frozen sheets ….. what COULD he possibly hide??” After several minutes of carefully searching dresser drawers, she sat down on his bed to consider where else to look ….. and felt the crinkle. Pulling up the sheet she saw it …. a rubber  Adult bedwetters sheet! This was better than she imagined.So, she set him up. As Zac slept, she came in with a bowl of warm water. He wet so quick and so much that she could actually see the wet spot appear and spread out beneath him. Then she withdrew, setting her alarm clock for early.The next morning, she waited to trap him. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy! #abdlstory #abdlmommy #adultdiaperstories
September 2, 2017

Sissy For Crissy!

Hi there my sissy boys and pantie lovers. I’m Mommy Crissy and I love sissifacation phone sex! It all started one day when I caught my boyfriend in my bedroom one day rummaging through my dresser and I spied on him while he stood there and tried on every single pair of panties I had in the drawer! Of course he thought he was completely alone. I had failed to mention to him I was coming home from work early because I wanted to surprise him, but boy was I the one in for a surprise! After he tried on my last pair I finally barged in and caught him! He was so red faced and started to take them off but I told him I liked it better with them on. His cock got hard again after I said that and lets just say me and my little panty boy phone sex lover and I are still very close today! Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #pantyboy  #sissyphonesex #feminizationphonesex
October 3, 2016

My Son The Cuckold!

My sweet son has this obsession to watch his dad and I have  Sex! At first I got on to him for it and told him to go to his room! But then I thought it’s kinda hot to have him watch, because no matter how old he gets he will never be man enough to have a girlfriend. So slowly he would creep to the outside of the door to check and see if we was having sex, well as soon as I would notice him peeking I would get on top of my husband and start riding his huge cock and I wouldn’t tell Gabe to go to his room and let him watch his parents having steaming rough, hard, sex and I got wetter knowing he was watching, Slowly he worked his way into our room and I told him he can watch anytime he wanted to so he can know how a real man fucks. Call me for some Cuckolding Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #cuckold #fetishphonesex #mommysexsite
February 15, 2016

Blonde and Busty Mommy

If ever there was an abdl mommy who knew how to take care of all of her little ones, it is me! I am an experienced and nurturing mommy who has changed countless diapers. Most adult babies really love the fact that I happen to have two particularly noticeable assets. The first of these is my head full of long blonde hair… the better for the babies to tug on and get their little hands tangled in during diaper changes. But what my babies notice most of all are my big breasts that are always ready for a hungry little one. When my babies start to cry, I reach down to put them on my lap, reach up to the collar of my shirt, and pull it down to bring out one of those big breasts for an adult breastfeeding session with my sweeties. Don’t go to bed hungry tonight! XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010
January 4, 2016

Life of a ABDL Mommy

I love being an ABDL mommy and taking care of my babies. I have many important duties as a mommy throughout the day. My babies depend on me to in all situations. There are no limits to the work that I do. When my babies have no one to talk to, I am a listening ear. When they are feeling sad and upset, I am the shoulder to cry on. When my babies need their diaper changed, who better to change it than me? I scold my babies when necessary and give them spankings to help them remember their wrongful deeds. I breastfeed my babies when they’re hungry and sometimes my babies like to get naughty with Mommy so I kiss on their little balls. I love my job as a mother. I am a friend, teacher, disciplinarian, protector, confidant and even lover. As you can tell, the work of an ABDL Mommy is never done.
September 4, 2015

“Bath Time”

Guess what little ABDL its time for your bath.  This is Mommy Susan’s favorite time.  I slowly undress you and take off that nasty wet diaper, I tickle your tummy and your tiny little cock, I love seeing it get hard.  Mommy has the bath ready for you, its nice and hot.  Mommy lowers her sissy baby into the tub, I love the way your skin turns red.  Mommy uses her cloth to wash babies face and back and wash babies hair.  Then Mommy stands up her ABDL baby up and washes his  little sissy cock.  Mommy loves the way you make little moaning noises and how hard your little cock gets.  Mommy keeps washing your little cock watching you shudder and begin to moan louder.  Mommy starts to go faster and you cry out and cum in the tub.   Thats when you know bath time is over.  Mommy puts you in a new diaper and onesie and tucks you in your crib, where you will have sweet dreams.  Call Mommy Susan 888-420-2010
August 30, 2015

When an Adult Baby becomes a lover

Most of my ABDL friends, family and acquaintances are open, loving and simply love the fetish. I know most adult babies just love to be pampered and treated like the infant they are inside, but there are those that love to have sex or be penetrated as a baby and I only know one diaper lover that I have regular sex with. Danny considers himself a toddler inside but his cock refuses to accept that age or ability. Anytime I am changing his diapers or giving him a bath that big cock roars to life. I know I am a mommy but a good hard cock always gets my juices flowing and I admit I was the first to initiate the sex. After I had cleaned him up and before I put a fresh diaper on him I saw how enlarged that wonderful dick had become. I couldn’t help myself and leaned over to just taste the tip of it with my tongue. Of course this made me want more and soon I was sucking on it with every bit as much passion as any nursing babe.  My adult baby was moaning and gasping as I continued going down on him. I wanted more, though. I needed to feel that amazing cock in my pussy. The changing table was sturdy it was easy for me to mount him. Oh my god it was so amazing as I lowered my tight drenched pussy onto him. My knees were pressed into the softness of the diaper still open under his ass. I began to ride him and he sat forward, his mouth latching on to one of my nipples. He was feeding as I was cumming and then I felt his explosive orgasm inside me. He lay back as I climbed off of him and continued fastening his diaper like normal. He said thank you mommy and I smiled. That was our first time but far from our last. My ABDL lover is one of my favorite babies and just amazing to fuck. I really need more abdl babies to have sex with. I’m dominate and they submissive and I do love the control. I’m wet and my clit swollen just thinking about it. Call me if you can be my new lover. I’d love to put you on my rounds. -Mommy Lizabeth  888-430-2010 Also find me at or
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