October 26, 2015
Tawny's Diaper Diary pg 2

Tawny’s Diaper Diary pg 2

  Tawny’s Diaper Diary pg 2   So my diaper wearing older stepson is having a small Halloween party at our house this weekend. Now, since I have discovered his secret of wearing diapers I have been wondering who his friends are and just what kinds of things they might be into? My husband has a business trip this weekend. I had planned on spending the evening away, as well at my friends. My stepson would have the house alone for the party. However, Since knowing about his diaper fetish, I have decided to pretend to still be leaving for my friends, all dressed up for Halloween in one of my super sexy costumes, end up for one reason or another sticking around our house. Knowing that a party of collage age kids will be partying at our place for the evening intrigues me. Thinking that they may all be into kinky fetishes or even diaper lovers themselves is just too much for me not perhaps to become a part of. Tawny (888) 430-2010
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